Ow-API (Overwatch API)


This API was created to address the lack of an API since Lootbox's API disappeared. Currently, there are no publicly known, dedicated APIs for gathering Overwatch stats.

Got questions, comments, concerns? Visit us on Discord! https://discord.gg/rSeJZUP (We share a Discord with a bot called Astra, this API was developed originally for Astra)


Blizzard's API sometimes goes down. It sucks. The status of the API will be shown below.

What data is provided

Everything important on the page is parsed, and unless the page layout changes, we'll continue to get new data (new heroes and stats) automatically.

The parser is based off ovrstat, with fixes for data output, and a few easier to access structures. It also splits up the data a bit to reduce bandwidth usage, and memory usage on clients requesting data.


API Documentation is available here (https://ow-api.com/docs)


Overwatch and all data belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. We use a public page to provide a machine friendly version of the data for developers and tinkerers everywhere.

Projects implementing the API

Astra is a Discord bot utilizing this API, written by the same person. It is a multi purpose community, moderation, and utility bot.